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Itaipu Dam







Dam type

Itaipu barrage consists of a series of various types of dams. From the right to the left bank,

1) an earthfill dam, length 872 m, maximum height 25 m;

2) the spillway, 483 m long, maximum height 43.7 m;

3) a concrete buttress-type wing dam, 1,438 m long, maximum height 81 m;

4) the main dam, of the concrete hollow gravity type, length 612 m, maximum height 196 m;

5) the diversion structure, of the concrete gravity type, length 170 m, maximum height 162 m;

6) a rockfill dam, 1,984 m long, maximum height 70 m;

7) an earthfill dam, length 2,294 m, maximum height 30 m.

Construction period


Structural height

196 m

Gross storage capacity

29,000 Mm

Active storage capacity

19,000 Mm

Volume of the dam

34,100,000 m (15,000,000 m rockfill, 12,600,000 m concrete, 6,500,000 m earth)

Maximum controllable water surface

220.30 m a.s.l.

Maximum water surface

223.10 m a.s.l.

Crest elevation

225 m a.s.l.

Top of parapet elevation

226 m a.s.l.

Crest length

7,853 m

Maximum discharge capacity

Spillway: 62,200 m/s;

Powerplant: 20 x 700 m/s.

Nameplate capacity of the powerplant

Itaipu is increasing its current installed capacity from 12,600 MW to 14,000 MW and will have 20 units generating 700 MW each.


Itaipu hydroelectric power plant is, today, the worlds largest in operation. It will be exceeded in total installed capacity by that of Three Gorges Dam, in China (18,200 MW). Nevertheless, according to the Itaipu Binacional electric company, Itaipu power plant will remain the first in the world by annual energy generation (93.4 TWh against the 84.68 TWh of the Three Gorges Dam power plant).

The plants 12,600 MW installed capacity and its generated energy of 93.4 billion kWh per year are equally divided between Brazil and Paraguay. Paraguays share (6,300 MW and 46.7 TWh per year) is far in excess of its present or foreseeable needs (2.5 TWh in 2002), and consequently the greater part of the output accruing to Paraguay is sold back to Brazil.

The annual energy generation of Itaipu power plant, 93.4 TWh, is equivalent to 30% of Brazil energy consumption (315 TWh in 2000).



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