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Owen Falls Dam






White Nile


Lake Victoria

Dam type

Concrete gravity

Construction period


Structural height

31 m

Gross storage capacity

270,000 Mm

In reality, the storage capacity of Lake Victoria, behind Owen Falls Dam, amounts to 3,030,000 Mm at the surface full elevation (1,134.5 m a.s.l.). But since, for the greater part (2,760,000 Mm), its formed by the natural capacity of Lake Victoria, its commonly considered as Owen Falls Dam storage capacity, the part of the overall capacity of lake Victoria that is due to the existence of the dam (270,000 Mm).

Volume of the dam

230,000 m

Maximum controllable water surface

1,134.5 m a.s.l.

Crest elevation

About 1,140 m a.s.l.

Crest length

831 m

Maximum discharge capacity

Old spillway (six sluices): 1,270 m/s;

Nalubaale (old) power station: 2,100 m/s;

Three-bay, radial gate new spillway (situated at the right end of the Kiira powerhouse): 1,740 m/s;

Kiira (new) power station: 1,080 m/s.

Nameplate capacity of the powerplant

Owen Falls is increasing its installed capacity from 180 MW to 380 MW. The old Nalubaale hydro-electrical power station, located on the left bank, has 10 units, each of which was initially rated at 15 MW but later up-rated to 18 MW. The new Kiira power station, located on the right bank and yet to be completed, is designed to have five units rated at 40 MW each. Its supplied by means a power canal 120 m wide, 20 m deep and 1.3 km long.


The Owen Falls Dam is the worlds largest storage dam. Its hydroelectric station supplies most of Ugandas electricity and exports some to Kenya.



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