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Sayano-Shushensk Dam







Dam type

Concrete arch-gravity

Construction period


Structural height

242 m

Gross storage capacity

31,340 Mm≥

Active storage capacity

15,340 Mm≥

Volume of the dam

9,075,000 m≥

Normal supply level

540.00 m a.s.l.

Maximum water surface

544.50 m a.s.l.

Crest elevation

547.50 m a.s.l.

Crest length

1,066 m

Maximum discharge capacity

Spillway (11 buried span 5 m wide): 13,600 m≥/s;

Powerplant (10 units): 3,580 m≥/s.

Nameplate capacity of the powerplant

6,400 MW (10 units, each with a power generating capacity of 640 MW), for an annual output of 23.5 TWh, about 3% of all energy produced in Russia


Sayano-Shushensk is the largest hydropower plant in Russia.

Immediately after impoundment of the reservoir, horizontal tension cracks appeared on the upstream face and the seal failure of the foundation took place at the base of the upstream face. An intense increase of drainage discharges pointed out the seepage through the concrete and the foundation, reaching 520 and 549 l/s. Operation of the dam became unsafe. Whatís more, the lack of the bottom outlet impeded to drop down the reservoir level.

Restoration of the impermeability was carried out by injection at high pressure (up to 40-60 MPa) of an epoxy compound. As a result, the seepage through damís body and rock foundation was decreased up to 99,5% and 78% correspondingly.



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