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Three Gorges Dam






Yangtze River

Dam type

Concrete gravity

Construction period

Construction began in 1994 and is scheduled for completion by 2009

Structural height

175 m

Gross storage capacity

39,300 Mm, of which 22,150 Mm intended for flood control. The reservoir operating levels will be of 175 m a.s.l. (corresponding to 39,300 Mm of water stored) in the dry season, and of 145 m a.s.l. (17,150 Mm of water stored) in the flood season.

Volume of the dam

27,000,000 m

Maximum controllable water surface

175.00 m a.s.l.

Maximum water surface

180.40 m a.s.l.

Crest elevation

185.00 m a.s.l.

Crest length

2,335 m

Maximum discharge capacity

113,000 m/s from 22 surface sluice gates and 23 bottom outlets;

20,000 m/s from the powerplant (26 units).

Nameplate capacity of the powerplant

18,200 MW, providing 84.68 TWh yearly, one-ninth of China's electricity production.


The Three Gorges Dam will be the worlds largest concrete gravity dam. Its total volume of 27 million m, substantially exceeds that of Sayano-Shushensk in Russia and Grand Coulee in the United States, both having a concrete volume of about 9.1 million m.

The rated capacity of the 26 turbines installed in the power house (700 MW each), makes them the most powerful Kaplan turbines ever built.

The total installed capacity of 18,200 MW, exceeds that of Itaipu (Brazil-Paraguay), the next largest, at 12,600 MW, although the average annual energy generation of 84.68 TWh will be lower then the 93.4 TWh attained at Itaipu.



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